The award winning FIFA Player of the year 1995 George Weah is one of the country most influential personalities he ended his football career in 2000 and decided to start his political carrier turning up as a presidential candidate in 2005 he was voted in a second round which got him defeated by the nation current president Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

In 2011 he also stood in the presidential Election but this time around as a vice standard bearer on the CDC running ticket but the party standard bearer refuse to run After he and the rolling party Unity part where supposed to go for a second roundup,however he recently stood in the county legislative Election as a senator for monsorado county which he won against President Sirleaf Son Robert Sirleaf.

Senator Weah is once again participating in The Liberia Presidential Election 2017 but was absent at the Country Election first debate,He was reported to be in Ivory Coast for a business discussion leaving Liberians to the empty bucket. George who was absent brought in entertainers yesterday Fedrick Meiway, a musician from Ivory Coast, Meiway made a music called “Casumah” and Senator George Weah’s name was mentioned in that song.

Osita Ikeme(Aki) and Chinedu Ikedieze(Pawpaw), we simply called them Aki and Pawpaw. They’re actors/comedians from Nigeria. They were brought in Liberia to join the so called “2 million men march.” Why he couldn’t bring Samuel Etoe too? CDC and George Weah are just not a serious.

In Liberia political activities aliens and foreigners are not allowed to be part of them but to sit and watch the process. Since Senator Weah is an entertainer too so he brought his friends to come and be part of the political process thinking that because of them he will win more votes, it is a joke.

He escaped from the political debate and brought in comedians and musician thinking that he is still on the football field so that they can cheer for him is a joke again.However for our team this is a big insult to all Liberian Celebrities out there it simply means George Weah doesn’t value Liberian Actors/Actress nor Musicians.He prefer paying thousands of dollars to bring foreign Celebrities into the nation but pay pocket change to Liberia musicians and actors this simply tell you the kind of person he will be when he becomes president .

The nation has been criticized for having a massive influence by America and other foreign countries and the entertainment industry has also been affected by the influence of other nation musics neglecting the country own musicians.

Aki, Pawpaw and Meiway should convince people to vote for CDC? I don’t think so. Where is Senator Jewell Howard? Did Senator Weah inform her or not? He needs to be sensitized that bringing in aliens or foreigners to be part of political process is against the law. Where is the National Elections Commission(NEC)? Liberian Celebrities shouldn’t take this for granted because their career is at risk it simply means foreigners will take over the music and movie scenes if strong action isnt taken

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