We all know the vice president Joseph Boakai to be a very quite and un-edgy person who takes his time to give out careful comments but his recent outrageous comment senator George Weah has not really gone with the public as many has taken to social media to unleash their anger the vice president.

He made the statement at Garndersville Town Hall while speaking to a cross section of supporters under the banner, Citizen Alliance for Boakai (CAB).

The Unity Party political leader used the occasion to admonish Liberians on who they should choose to steer the affair of the state for the next six years, saying “If you vote for a footballer you will be kick like a football because that is the work of a footballer.”

“We are not here to give this country to any professional footballer that will kick us out, we’ve suffered enough.

“We will not get the last kick,” VP Boakai said.

VP Boakai said with the level of experience he has in government coupled with his background in the agricultural sector, he is best suited to provide job opportunities for the people of Liberia than any other candidate in the pending October elections.

“There is no body in this race that has ideas when it comes to creating jobs for all of you here,” Amb. Boakai said.

He used the occasion to caution young voters to not vote for people because they give them money.

“Do not let anybody buy you with money because the money they give you will not last”.

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